Bedtime Stories

I have been reading Logan bedtime stories as part of his nightly routine before bedtime. We usually read his library book from school and two or three other books.

Logan really likes the series Henry and Mudge about a boy and his dog by Cynthia RylantHenry and Mudge

Last nights book was “Henry and Mudge and the Best Day of All.”

This book was about Henry’s Birthday and all the decorations and activities that day including his Birthday Party.

I found myself with a lump in my throat as I was reading the story, I had to keep swallowing the tears.

Billy’s Birthday was September 1st. He would have been 26 years old. In the story, Henry’s Birthday was the 1st day of May. There were balloons all over his house.

I was reminded of when I turned 6 years old that my parents had decorated the house with balloons and had the number six cut out and hung all over where I could see them. That has always been a very special memory for me.

When Billy turned 6 years old, twenty years ago, I did the same thing for him. I cut out the number six and hung them where he could see them and I decorated the house with streamers and balloons.

When I was reading about Henry’s party, I was reminded that I also had a party when I was 6 and the party I had for Billy when he turned 6 was very much like Henry’s Birthday party, even though I don’t think Henry was turning 6 in the book.

Henry had a donkey shaped pinata and so did Billy. Lot’s of candy and cake and ice cream and friends.

Piñatas are so fun!

There were similar things that stirred my memories and my heart as I was reading. Things that I had forgotten but because I read to Logan, I remembered.

Perhaps it’s because my own Birthday is coming up on Saturday and then two days later my Son Robbie will be turning 16 on October 1st.

He turns 16 in one week.

My heart starts to feel sad a little early because I know that Billy won’t be wishing us our Happy Birthday’s…

I’m thankful for Logan and the bedtime stories that I get to read to him. I’m thankful for the memories that were found and the memories that are being made.

Sweet Dreams Logan🌙

This is one part of the night that I look forward to before those mad midnight moments try make themselves known before I fall asleep.

I’ll claim this promise tonight. ” When you lie down, you will not be afraid; when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet.


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