July 1st

Today is July 1st.

Last July I found out that the month of July is bereaved parent awareness month.

  1. Dictionary Definition: Bereaved
  2. /bəˈrēvd/
  3. adjective
  4. adjective: bereaved
    1. Deprived of a close relation or friend through their death.

There are many parents around you that are bereaved.

Not only from homicide but suicide, addiction, accidents, illness, miscarriage, stillborn and any other form of unnatural death.

Any time a child dies before their parent it is unnatural.

There is a circle of life and the death of a child is not part of that circle.

A parent should never have to bury their child. Ever.

The idea for this blog was conceived last July. I posted something on my personal social media pages every day for 31 days.

I had people tell me to keep going when the month was over. They had connected with my posts and it helped them to understand a little where I’m coming from.

Unless you have experienced child loss first hand, you will not know or be able to imagine what it’s like.

I wish this on no one.

I know that I am supposed to share our story.

It is part of a bigger picture that I can’t see yet.

Day 1 of bereaved parent awareness month.

My son was formed in my womb and created with a purpose.

Sadly, his life was ended by someone else’s terrible choice.

It’s become my purpose to carry on his legacy, to tell our story and be a light in this world.

I was almost 19 years old in the picture on the left, Billy was just a few weeks old. Billy is holding his newborn son Logan in this picture on the right. He was 20 years old. We are both looking down in love at our baby boys.

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