Day 17

Bereaved Parents Awareness Month.

Day 17

My boy loved to laugh and have fun.

I like to laugh and have fun too.

About a month ago my friend and workout buddy told me the my smile seemed more real lately.

She said my smile and laugh seemed forced for awhile.

I totally agree with her, and it made me feel good.

I still have hard days. I probably always will.

However, I still have reasons to laugh and smile.

Please don’t mistake that for being “over” or “past” my Son’s tragic death.

Logan’s kindergarten bus driver shared a post with me about country singer George Strait. I didn’t realize that he lost his 13-year-Old daughter due to a tragic car accident.

I’ve always said George Strait is my favorite male country singer. Maybe it was because he kept going. I didn’t know his history but there was something about him and his that I always liked.

He’s got some great songs but this song reminds me of how Billy felt about life.

He was here for a good time.

It certainly wasn’t long enough and in his case, I am so grateful and blessed that he did leave Logan behind.

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