Day 18

Bereaved Parents Awareness Month Day 18.

I was not a tattoo person.

Not that thought that tattoos are bad or wrong, they just weren’t me.

Until Billy was murdered…

Billy started with one tattoo, and then he gradually added more and more.

He said he was going to get one on his face!

I said, “Billy you can get as many tattoos as you want, but please,don’t put any tattoos on that handsome face!” He never did.

I thought long and hard about the placement of my very 1st tattoo.

As his 26th birthday was approaching, I wanted a tattoo that Billy had.

I chose his first tattoo, as my first tattoo that represents our love of music.

I went to Chuck’s Tattooing and Body Piercing.

Chuck did a superb job placing my tattoo on my right arm.

Billy’s was on his left arm, and my tattoo was a little smaller than Billy’s.

The reason I chose to do it on the opposite arm is so that when we are in Heaven, holding hands, our tattoos will be touching.

A musical treble clef and the base clef touching to form a heart.

You can see Billy’s musical tattoo as he cradled Logan in his arms.
My step-son Daniel also got Billy’s musical tattoo as a memorial to Billy. We were showing how they might link together! Now Dan is a tattooist in his own right.He does excellent work!

This article is a great read on memorial tattoos. I hope you take the time to read it!

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