Day 23

Bereaved Parents Awareness Month Day 23.

While re-reading my kindle book ‘Intra Muros’ I came across a part that I hadn’t remembered reading before.

In the book, a young man had left suddenly and unexpectedly for Heaven.

He was met at the gate by his Grandfather who brought his grandson to his home and immediately taught him many things that he didn’t have time to learn before he left the earth.

When the author, his Aunt Rebecca Ruter Springer saw him in heaven, he ran up to her “and in an almost pathetic voice asked ~”Is my Mother coming? I so hoped that my Mother would come with you Aunt. Did you see her?”

I continued reading with tears in my eyes, only to find out that this young man was building his Mother’s home in Heaven.

The gifts and callings of God are irrevocable.

On earth and in heaven.

When Billy was a preteen and early teenager, he loved to draw and he was quite good at it! He also made things with his hands.

I have 3 things that I treasure because he made them, his hands touched them.

Billy made this table in shop class in middle school.

The young man in the book went on to tell his Aunt Rebecca Ruter Springer,the author,that his grandfather and grandmother teach him the things that he didn’t learn on earth and that he is still far below where he should be.

He said that his Grandfather met him at the gate and if it wasn’t for him he doesn’t know what he would have done when he first got to heaven. ” I was so ignorant about this life, and came so suddenly.”

THAT would be my Mother, meeting my boy at Heavens Gate. Billy’s Grandmother is definitely teaching Billy. She was a teacher on earth and now I have no doubt she’s teaching my son who left this earth and entered Heaven suddenly.

My Mom and 2 year old Billy at the Beach. A place they both loved.

The young man in the book Intra Muros laments, wishing he could go back to the earth for a year and go to every Sunday school all over the world and tell them to try to understand and profit the instruction they received.

He goes on to say that there didn’t seem to be anyone to help him gain more understanding.”What I heard one Sunday was never once spoken of or even thought of until another Sunday came…Why is there so little really helpful talk in ordinary home life?” He asks.

As sad as this part of what the young man in the book had to say, it sounds so familiar…Why?

Perhaps last August,when I heard Billy’s voice calling out to me three times in the night was the confirmation I needed to start this blog.

Billy’s way of saying “Mom Tell them.”img_1559

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