Cell Phone Saga

The last 2 days I’ve spent more time in cell phone stores and the Apple store then I spend in a grocery store in a month!

We ordered 4 cell phones online.

The kids got their old phone data transferred to their new phones in under 5 minutes!

When it was time to transfer mine, they realized that my new phone had my husbands number programmed in it, and his new phone had my number. They were flip flopped.

Easy fix! Swap SIM cards and we’re good to go!


2 long phone calls, 2 trips to separate malls, and 3 stores later, we we told that they had never had this happen before!

Matt and I ordered the same cell phone in different colors.

I picked blue because Billy’s favorite color was blue.

His son Logan reminds me of that a lot!

They had a red phone too and Logans favorite color is red, but Logan is here on earth with me, but Billy isn’t.

So I chose blue.

Since I spent so many hours in 3 different phone stores, I had a lot of time to just sit and observe my surroundings and people, young and old, buying or fixing phones.

While sitting there I realized that Billy will never know what it’s like to have face recognition on a cell phone. That made me sad.

I realized that the phone I’ve been using for 2 years is the last phone that Billy sent a text to.

That phone is the last phone I heard Billy’s voice through.

It was that phone that I was holding and referring to when I went Christmas shopping for him for the last time.

He had sent me a list of items that he needed and I got him every single one.

I am so glad that I did.

It was the phone that was charging downstairs that went to voicemail when my son Jami was trying to reach me that cold January night.

I was holding that phone when I was trying desperately to call my family that same dreadful night our lives changed forever.

I was thinking of all those things in all the cell phone stores, as I watched all the people.

I was wishing that Billy was still here and I could tell him that I picked the blue phone because it’s his favorite color.

That I could say “Hey, I’m calling you from my new phone!” He would probably say he already had that phone and had pre-ordered the next new one!

When we ordered these phones, we were told that we would be given a discount if we gave them our old phones back.

My son Robbie’s old phone and my daughter Virginia’s old phone were already packed in the return boxes.

I was still using my old phone while between malls and all the cell phone stores over a period of 2 days, a total of 6 hours, plus travel time trying to get everything fixed.

In the end it was a hardware problem so we had to return our 2 new phones for 2 new phones!

Still blue, still black but now the right phone numbers were attached.

After all that, I was told that my old phone had too many scratches to be worth a credit on our account.


I was relieved.

I know it’s just a phone, but things like phones hold meaning when has so many “last times” attached to it.

My old phone is tucked away safely in my drawer.

Even though everything special was transferred to my new blue phone, I’ll always have that old phone that holds so many memories of the last time…

I pray and talk to Jesus everyday. I ask him to give Billy and my Mom messages from me. I believe that He does.

I only wish my new blue phone could make just one phone call to Heaven so I could hear Billy’s voice one last time.

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