Where is he now?

Who is the he I am referring to?

I know where Billy is. He is with Jesus in Heaven.

The he I am talking to is the man who chose to murder my son.

I have not blogged much about him because I want my emphasis to be on my son Billy and our family.

Hence my blog on my website http://www.5nonblondesandasenselessmurder.com and this page Thrive or Survive: Life after Homicide Facebook.

I also turned my personal instagram into a personal bog page you can find me @cmadams73.

I also decided to try twitter @corinnemad73. I’m trying to stay connected to tell our story and reach people who are journeying on all walks of life.

What do I know about the man who took my son’s life?

I know that his name is Fransisco. His nickname is “Pucho” He is 5.7” 170lbs black hair, brown eyes, medium complexion with numerous tattoos on both arms and chest. That information is listed below on Phillysmostwanted.org

I know that Francisco is in his mid-thirties. I also know that his is very broken by the choices he made that fateful night.

Picture Taken from Philly’s most wanted.org webpage.

So many people were hurt by the encounter of Billy and Fransisco.

I’ll NEVER forget 5-year-old Logan’s question about the bad man who killed Daddy. (Logan said he’s a bad man, I did not say that.)

“Did the man who hurt Daddy have a family?” My response ” Yes Logan, he has a family.” Logan replied ” Oh, then we can’t hurt him back.”

Such simple reasoning.

I saw a packed courtroom filled with family. Our’s and his. Fransisco’s family is hurting too.

Just an image of a random quart room but our court room was half the size and just as packed.

In many differernt ways.

I cannot speak for them. I only tell my interperation and give my opinion.

There was testimony given about Fransisco’s parents that was heartbreaking to me. His Father died when he was one day old and his Mother, who was an addict, died when he was 14-years- old from a drug overdose.

Our judge, Barbara McDermott was a just judge. She believes in justice despite the legal system that we have.

I could continue to talk about our ADA and the defense attorney but I think people probably want to know the outcome of the hearing and what kind of time he’s doing for the crime that he committed.

Francisco was on parole when he murdered Billy💗. So now he must finish that former sentence before he starts to serve the one he was given. He has three more years to go.

He will start serving the sentence he was given for murdering Billy in the year 2022. Francisco will not be eligible for parole until the year 2042. At that time The state will let me know that he is eligible for parole and I can choose whether or not to attend the parole hearing.

Francisco Franklin was given no less than 20 years and no more than 40 years to serve for the murder of my son William Daniel Elliot IV.

He was moved from the holding cell at the Philadelphia jail to another jail about 40 minutes away from Philadelphia so he is still in the state of Pennsylvania.

The victim advocate program is very good at letting me know what my rights are and what his rights are. He has the right to write a letter to our family which will go into a vault and I can choose whether or not to read the letter and he will never know whether or not I read it unless of course I decide to write him back.

I’ve already determined that if he would write one to me I would write one back to him. I know I can hear the gasps all across America, however, I have chosen forgiveness.

Forgiveness is a choice, it is not a feeling I choose to forgive and in choosing so,that sets me free.

Unforgiveness is like drinking poison and hoping that the other person that you are having unforgiveness towards will die.

We all know that it does not work that way. If you drink the poison you die and it affects everyone around you.

I have very much to live for and I want to continue to carry on my sons legacy and write this blog in his honor and in his memory and I cannot do that if I am full of bitterness and unforgiveness.

I hope I have done a good job and answering questions that my friends and even family members have had about the sentencing of the man who killed my child.

This is not something I ever thought that I would have to go through but here I am.

  1. I admire your strength. You are right to forgive. Although you will never forget. I’m sorry for your loss and your grandson’s loss if not having a father to be there when he needs him. Hang in there. Karma works. That man doesn’t have his freedom. At times I believe an eye for an eye, but that doesn’t bring your son back. Sad. Keep your writings going. Take care. Connie (an old neighbor of Tanya’s).

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