Our Song

This morning as I was driving down the pike I’m sure if people looked at me they would have seen a site.

Our song came on the radio you see and as always the tears well up inside me.

I have written about our song before but today it affected me even more.

I had Logan overnight, and even though my heart was light the words of the song pierced my soul just right.

You are so beautiful to me… I remember you singing that when you stood just above my knee. You never forgot that you had sang me that song.

When you were 15 you made a compact disc for me. That was back in the day when we would burn the songs from the computer on to a CD. There were no MP3’s.

I still have that CD till this day. It is scratched but it still plays. The two songs you chose were perfect for me of course the one is you are so beautiful to me and the other one is “had a bad day“

I am pretty sure that was a one hit wonder but I think of it and realize ah ha no wonder.

It was a bad day,the day that you died and yes so many tears I have cried and I’ve cried.

You still have a way of making my heart smile when I remember your heart I wish we still had time, I wish we had quite a while.

I know that I will see you again someday, that is my hope as I wake up each day and lay down each night.

I cannot wait for my eyes to behold your handsome face oh what a sight!

You are the one who is so beautiful to me. The way you always wore your heart on your sleeve.

I thank God he chose me to be your mother. You will always have a very special place in my heart where there will never be another.

Written by Corinne Adams In 10 minutes

November 22,2019 10:00am

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