Let’s start at the very beginning a very good place to start🎶

409E5A95-39DB-46F5-AB72-CAF456207B93For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a love of music.

Whether it was listening over and over to the same vinyl record in the 70’s ,or recording songs from the radio onto a cassette tape so I could listen as many times as I wanted to on my tape recorder in the 80’s. Music was my solace.

The struggle was real when CD’s came along in the 90’s. I’d scratch them, break them or lose them but it never stopped me from buying a new one!

Karaoke opened up a whole new love of music for me! People of all ages and walks of life sang all kinds of songs from all eras and genres. There was always something new to hear every week.

I share all this because music is woven into the fibers of my soul. My passion was passed onto my Son. Music was how he expressed his heart and soul. My boy was just like me.

When he was 3 years old he serenaded me with Joe Cocker’s “You are so beautiful”.  I remember him singing and dancing when he was 5 to Tim McGraw’s “ I like it, I love it”

He loved music as much as I did. I was always singing along to the radio or playing my scratched CD’s when he was little so he grew up listening to whatever found it’s way into my CD player.

It wasn’t very long before I realized that he was a gifted guitar player. He made the effort to find a guitar teacher and pay for half of his lessons when he was 15. He took lessons for a couple of years and then he just played and played. He wrote his own songs, he did covers of other peoples songs, he put his own spin on anything. He was so talented.

I’m grateful that he recorded himself playing and singing, even if it was only with his iPhone. I can still see his passion light up his face and hear the music of his heart.

His murder stole many things from our family but his music will live on. He will be remembered and his music will be a legacy for his son.

I am certain of one thing, my heart will be blessed with the sound of music and I’ll sing once more…🎶


  1. Corrine, this is so beautifully done. I smiled, I cried, and cried some more. I hope in your sharing of your journey of grief and moving through, you feel the love and prayers of those around you. Much love to you, my friend. ❤


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