All I really need to know…I learned in Kindergarten

Today was my five-year-old grandson Logan’s first day of kindergarten!

I bet it was a little scary and a little exciting getting on the school bus all by himself without having a grandparent by his side.

He held on tightly to my arm as I said goodbye,but then he went up the bus steps and sat down like such a big boy.

Logan’s1st day of Kindergarten. 5 &1/2

I remember his daddy’s first day of kindergarten. We lived close to the school so there was no bussing for him. We either drove to school, or if it was a nice day, we walked.

Billy’s 1st day of kindergarten was also his 6th birthday, September 1st 1998.

I also remember that he was wearing a red shirt and a big smile.

Billy was 5 &1/2 in this photo.

There were definitely “triggers” today.

By triggers, I mean things that make my heart beat a little harder, I breath a little deeper and tears well up a little quicker from the place in my heart that belongs just to Billy.

His murder took away so much…He would have been here today, taking pictures of his son Logan getting on the bus for his 1st day of Kindergarten.

Billy loved Logan so much. It was very evident in every picture they took together.

I’m still pretty new to this loss. It’s not quite been 7 months since his life was senselessly taken.

I’m very thankful that Billy had a son. Logan reminds me of his daddy in many ways.

I hope to carry on my son’s legacy by sharing my journey through.

Today was a big milestone in that journey.

I’m so grateful that I got to be a part of it.

I know that Billy was smiling💗

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