Any man can be a Father…

My Mother did a cross-stitch when I was really little that hung in our living room surrounded by family photos.

It said “Any man can be a Father, but it takes someone special to be a Daddy.” It had a Daddy holding his children’s hands. A son on one side and a daughter on the other. It always held a special meaning for me because I was a “Daddy’s girl” I still am.

My Dad was always doing things or saying things that were funny. I mentioned one of those things in my last post!

We laughed a lot. We shared a lot of funny moments.We still do.

After a 5 year battle with cancer, My precious Mother passed away in 2014.

My Mom was my Dad’s everything. She had his whole heart and she took it with her when she left this earth. My Dad still finds things to laugh about even though he lost more than words can describe when my Mom died.

My son Billy also loved to laugh and have fun!

He was a lot like me, and I’m a lot like my Daddy and it’s no surprise that Logan is a lot like his Daddy!

Billy was only 20 years old when Logan was born, but he was definitely a Daddy to Logan.

Billy had a lot more growing up to do. He was only 25 when his life was taken away…

No matter how old we are, don’t we all have growing to do?

It’s my privilege to carry on my son’s legacy through my memories and stories,even though he should still be here to carry on mine…

I will still laugh. I will still have fun and I will always remind Logan that his Daddy loved him more than words can say.💗

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