The number 7

I learned the significance of certain numbers, especially the number 7 about seventeen years ago.

I started looking for the number 7 throughout situations in my life because I believed it was significant.

The number 7 means completion or perfection.

Let’s start with where I met my husband. We met at church and the town it was in had seven letters in it.

My husband and I both had children from previous marriages. He had three boys and I had two boys. Add both of us and we all totaled 7.

My husband Matthew and I are seven years apart in age. We both have seven letters in our names.

He started attending the church where we met when he was 27, I started going seven years later when I was 27.

From the time we started dating until the time we got married was seven months.

Our son was born 2 years to the day that I had walked into that church for the 1st time.

Our Daughter was born 14 months later which is divisible by 7.

Since we added two children to our big blending family, we now had a total of 7 children.

So why am I telling you all this today on the 27th of August?

Because it was 7 months ago today that my son was murdered, on January 27th.

There is nothing perfect or complete about that night other than his life was completed for him.

There is nothing perfect about him no longer being here for the last 7 months.

Not one perfect thing about it on my end, but,I know that where he is now is absolute perfection.

I will continue to look for the number 7 in my life.

I still believe it represents completion or perfection.

We live in a world where bad things happen to good people. Where people make choices that affect other people. Good or bad.

I’ve decided to choose life for my family.

I hope to encourage you to choose life for yours.

How does that looks on a daily basis?

Perhaps kind words, a thoughtful gesture, a smile, being considerate to each other.

What about being quick to listen, put the phone down and really listen.

Try putting yourself in the other person’s shoes and take time think and be slow in your response. Instead of responding with anger, ask questions so you can truly understand.

I know we will never be perfect in this world, but we can choose to at least be kind to one another.💗

  1. Corrine, your heartfelt messages are truly a blessing from God. I have several friends who have recently lost their sons. I cant even imagine the hole in your heart that this loss has caused you are all of your family. Just know there are many prayers being said…and I am sure Billy is so proud of you.

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