Am I still an Eagles fan?

Am I still a Philadelphia Eagles fan?

If you’ve been following my story and the events that transpired the night that my 1st born Son was senselessly murdered, you know by now that he was walking down the street with his brother and their friends in Philadelphia, one week before the Super Bowl.

Can you imagine the excitement in Philly the week before the Super Bowl? You couldn’t help but be affected by that energy. The Eagles were going to the Super Bowl and we all knew that they were going to win. They wanted that ring and they were going to get it!IMG_0321

I grew up on the outskirts of Philly, my Dad took the train to Philly everyday to work.

My Grandfather was a HUGE Phillies fan and he watched all the Philadelphia sports.

As far as I’m concerned, I was born and raised in Chester PA. We were all about the teams from our area. The Phillies, The Eagles, The Sixers and The Flyers. They were our teams. Even if we didn’t watch their every game, that’s who we cheered for when we did.

My Son Billy, who was murdered, wasn’t really into sports. He tried baseball, basketball, cross country and wrestling. He was just more into his music and drawing. He would watch football, but he’d rather play his guitar.

Doing what he loved, playing his guitar…

When I found out that my two Sons and their three friends were just walking down the street, cheering on the Philadelphia Eagles, feeling the energy of the City of Brotherly Love, when someone decided to kill my Son. Decided to murder him for simply showing his support for the Philadelphia team going to the Super Bowl. To be honest, Billy was indifferent to Eagles football before moving to Philly. I was baffled.

I know, I mentioned in another blog post and believe that hurting people, hurt people.

This goes way beyond the Philadelphia Eagles. It really was not about them at all.

The week before the Super Bowl was spent planning, preparing and attending, not a Super Bowl party, but my Sons funeral service.

I did watch the game and I cried when they won. I called my brothers and my Dad and told them through my tears, that win was for Billy,  it was just a part of Justice for Billy.

In case you’re still wondering, of course I’m still an Eagles fan!

It would be ridiculous of me to hate the Eagles or vow to never to watch them again. It wasn’t their fault that someone made a choice to take the life of my Son after lying in wait over an hour for his prey. Playing with his knife, just waiting for someone to come along. That had absolutely nothing to do with cheering on Philadelphia Eagles.

That would kind of be like people who attend a church and were very hurt by other people at that church. Many of those who have been deeply wounded by people, end up hating God or vowing to never talk to Him again. As if it’s His fault that those people made the choice to hurt them.

Just a little food for thought…

Go Eagles!!!



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