Acts of Kindness

I’ve been putting much thought into how to continue my Son’s legacy. I decided to have Acts of Kindness cards made up in his honor. I didn’t’ want people to get a card, see our pictures and not know our story.

I know that a picture is worth a thousand words but I wanted to write a 1,000 more and share MY journey through…Through losing my Son to an absolutely senseless act of violence.

That looks pretty accurate for me. We’re all different but this looks like me.

Back to the Acts of Kindness cards. It’s like a pay it forward. Someone does an act of kindness for you, you then do one for someone else in Billy’s memory. Don’t forget to check out the website to read his story,then when the moment is right, pass that card along with a kind act..

I made sure I had these cards on his Birthday. This was his Birthday card this year and everyday for the rest of my years on this earth.

It’s not hard to be kind to people. We might step out of our comfort zones but that’s what is special about this. It will stretch you to talk and connect with people we might otherwise pass on by.

You may be the kindest person they have the privilege of meeting and you may even change their life in a small way.

We won’t know until we try.

Billy was a kind soul. I was reading through his posts and memories of him and the one word that rang throughout the posts was Kindness.

Billy’s post about a month before he was murdered.

A memory from a friend.
Let’s be kind to one another with tender hearts. Help me overcome evil with good! 💗

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