So what about Jami?

Maybe by now you’re wondering what happened to Jami? Billy’ s younger brother who was with him the night he was stabbed to death.

Can you imagine your big brother dying in your arms?

I can’t either…

One minute you’re all having a good time, cheering and laughing, feeling the Philly energy because the Philadelphia Eagles are going to the Super Bowl in one week!

Since the night that changed our lives, January 27th, Jami came home and worked and lived for about a month. He spoke with a counselor for a few weeks and then realized that for him, it was too soon to go ” There.” When it’s time,he will know and then he’ll talk to someone and work through the indescribable pain that night brought with it.

He had a birthday so he’s 19 now. A year older and a year wiser.

Jami is back in Philadelphia. That’s where he feels closest to his brother Billy, and their friends. He knows that somehow, someway, there is purpose in his enormous pain that’s far too great to even put into words.

He is working for a nonprofit organization that Billy introduced him too and he loves it. It is how he is helping people right now.

Brothers ❤️ Billy and Jami in the City of Brotherly Love.

He is writing and recording songs and playing his Ukulele. Music is his passion too, his outlet. Another connection with his Brother.

Jame has always been my happy go lucky Momma’s boy. Ready with a joke and a smile. A HUGE giver. He wants to help people, sometimes to the point of his own downfall. He’s a problem solver. I’ve reminded him more than once that he is no ones savior but he knows the One who is. Sometimes he wears his heart on his sleeve but that’s only because his heart is sooo big it just overflows.

He always has a smile and comes up with a fun plan.

My heart, as raw as it is from having my 1st born die a horrible, senseless death, also weeps for my Jamer Jame. What he witnessed, what he experiences, how he’s processing those last moments and ultimately no longer having his big brother to journey through life with.

Jami and I call or text daily so I know that he’s safe. He has so many plans,ideas and passions. I’m so excited to watch how his purpose unfolds.

This year on September 1st we celebrated Billy’s 26th birthday at his grave. It was Jami’s idea to release a lantern for Billy. We had Logan, Billy’s 5 year old Son, write his name on it and we lit it and watched it go up until we could no longer see it above the clouds.

That was pretty special for Logan, he talks about it often. ” We lit a lantern for Daddy’s Birthday and sent it up to him in heaven.” Logans sweet face in this video is priceless.💗

I am so very thankful for my Son James Michael. His tender heart will continue to touch those around him and especially his nephew who just loves his Uncle Jami.

Jami standing alone at Billy’s grave watching the lantern rise until it was out of view.❤️💗

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