Did I mention the number 7

The number 7. It’s a very common thread in my life and I look for it,but it usually finds me and the ones I love. If you read my post about a week and a half ago I wrote about the number 7 and how it means completion or perfection.

No, it’s not my ” Lucky” number. I don’t believe in luck, however I do believe in blessings. I believe that our choices define us and that this life will mold us but we choose which mold we will fit into.

My 15 year old son Robbie was the one who took the phone call from his brother Jami that awful night that changed our lives forever.

You can always tell how Rob is doing or feeling by looking at his eyes which truly are the windows to his soul, at least as his Mother, I can always tell.

I was charging my phone in another room while I was taking care of the dogs, getting coffee ready for the next morning and setting the alarm which is my nightly routine before heading to bed.

Just as I was setting the alarm, Rob came flying around the corner with this look in his eyes that I will never forget. A look of terror, a look of shock, a look that I hope I never again see in his eyes as long as I live.

Out of my three son’s, Robbie has always been my stoic child. No novocain when he had a cavity filled when he was about 8. Then, when he was 11 years old,the Orthodonist said some teeth needed to go. They were a little loose but he just used his tool and popped them out before Robbie even knew what was going on.

Another attribute Robbie has is that he is very determined. Whatever he puts his mind to, that’s what he does.

He was also the one who would run and jump at every single store I ever took him to as a small toddler and beyond! I used to say ” Will you please just walk like normal people?” It’s not possible, he’s always on the move!

Robbie played every single school sport and when it came down to it, he chose to put his athletic gifts and abilities into CrossFit.

My Kiddo! My Robert Matthew. His name means Bright Fame, Gift of God.

Robbie works hard at CrossFit. Our gym doesn’t have many 15 year olds so he trains with guys and girls in their 20’s and beyond and it just makes him push himself harder.

I said all this about my Robert tonight because tomorrow,he is in a national CrossFit competition. We got him registered today and I’m super excited to watch him do what he loves! No matter what, he’s MY favorite athlete!

That’s one proud Papa with our Son Robert.

Now how about that number 7. Well as I mentioned, it finds me,but I’m also looking for it. We took Rob to get registered for his competition that starts September 7th and this is the heat he’s in.

Heat number 7!
Rob is T223. T for Teen and he’s number 223. 2+2+3=7

I can’t make this up! I’m so excited for him and I can’t wait to see how awesome this turns out for him.

God cares about the details, even when it comes to CrossFit!! Stay posted for updates.

I can feel Billy’s smile. He’s proud of his little brother and I can hear him cheering him on!💗

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