Triumph Over Adversity

Since the night my 1st born Son was murdered, my life and the lives of my family have been affected in ways that no one can understand unless it has happened to you.

People THINK they can relate,but when they try to, they can’t, and it really is okay.

How many people do you know whose Son, Grandson, Brother, or Father was murdered?

Sadly, it is becoming more prevalent in the times we’re living in, just not in my community.

None of my friends Son’s were murdered.

Nobody at my kids school has a brother who was murdered.

How did it affect us? Something like this.

My 1st born Son’s life was taken away from him on Saturday January 27th 2018.

He was only 25 years old.

Billy looking off into the future on his lunch break.

My Son Robbie took the call that forever changed our lives…

Robbie was really looking forward to competing in the CrossFit Open which started on February 22nd. Three and a half weeks after his Brothers horrible death.

The CrossFit Open Schedule

How was he supposed to be at the top of his game while grieving? When no one around him at school or at the gym ever had to go through such a devastating loss?

Yet Robbie persevered. He completed every open workout and based on the scores of those workouts, he qualified for the online regionals, all while grieving.

During the last regional workout that I took him to do at our gym, he broke down before we went in. Physical mentally and emotionally he was spent.

Grief was still raw, and he admitted that he was exhausted but he didn’t want his Dad and I to be disappointed.

I told him he needs to do this for himself and if he chose to quit right now, I would understand and support his decision, especially in the midst of all we were going through as a family.

Regional Information

He completed his regional workouts and was 50th out of 200 boys in the world ages 14 and 15.

He needed to be in the top 20 to make it to the CrossFit games.

He was disappointed, but it gave him time to think, to grieve, to regroup, to work on his weaknesses and then, to try out in July for the Kill Cliff Granite Games.

This time they were only taking the top 10 boys and Robbie was number 5.

Robbie winning Event 1 and celebrating with his Dad.

He made it to the Granite Games and it was a blast!

Fun times with Coach Brandt helping Robert throughout the competition.

It was a weekend of getting 1st place in some events, coming in 2nd in some events,even coming in 6th in events,and ultimately taking 3rd place overall in the whole competition for his 14-15 year old age group.

230 lbs squat cleans
3rd place gets him up on that podium!

His goal was to make it on the podium and that he did. I know it wasn’t the result he wanted, but considering the way he faced adversity and overcame, I believe this is his first of many podium appearances.

He will keep moving forward,and going through, and changing as he goes.

We all will. As long as we have our eyes lifted up and press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus, we will triumph over adversity.


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