8 Months

September 27th 2018.

8 Months since my 1st born Son was randomly, senselessly murdered.

The 27th is now a date that I struggle to look forward to.

I try not to plan anything too important to do on this date every month.

I try to avoid making appointments. I don’t hide out at my house or anything like that.I’m still a Wife, a Mother, a Nana, a Sister, a Daughter and a Friend.

I still go to the grocery store and actually today was the day Logan got to pick out his LEGO duplo set because he finally got his 10 stickers.

Logan played with this for hours. He has such an awesome imagination!

Logan would get a smiley face sticker for every time he listened and obeyed. If he wasn’t quick to listen, and by that I mean if I had to ask repeatedly or his response was “No”, then a sticker got taken away, but he had a chance to quickly earn it back.

Now we jokingly say to each other “Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?”

Well, I can’t tell you if I’ll always feel this way about the 27th or if it will be only until I hit the 1st year mark or maybe the 2nd year…

All I know is that every day that goes by is one day closer to when I will get to see Billy again.

My Son. My Billy.

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