Lost in Translation

Do you ever feel like your typed or texted words to someone get lost in translation?

I try to be so detailed so I’m not misunderstood, and I end up texting a chapter to someone!img_0670-1

I think people end up skimming long emails, texts, blogs and especially the fine print.

I know I’m guilty of doing that!

It is very easy these days for our words and their meaning to get lost in translation.

We have to text someone 1st to make sure it’s okay to call them on the phone unless you’re related, then it’s okay to just call without the courtesy text!img_0672

We’ve basically stopped leaving voice mails unless it’s work related, or maybe we are desperate to reach someone who hasn’t returned our text message, so we call and hang up 5 times before actually leaving a voicemail.

If their voice mail box is even turned on….img_0673

That is the one thing that I do not have from Billy, a saved voicemail.

When he called me, I answered. We texted a lot, so I have quite a few texts from him because I’m that person who does not delete my text messages. Especially the important ones…

I will never hear Billy’s voice again this side of Heaven. I will never forget the way his voice sounded when he called me Mom or his laughter when we would joke around, but it is in my head and in my heart.img_0676

If your voice mail box is not set up, set one up. You’re Mom would probably like to leave you a message.

Rather than text your Mom, call her. I am sure that she would love to hear your voice.img_0674

If you know that she turns her phone off at night, purposely call and leave her a message after the beep.

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