The Sandwich Generation

I have heard that I am a part of the “Sandwich” Generation.img_0900

What that means is that my Husband and I still have Children who live at home, and my Father who lives alone and is doing very well, but still needs some extra tender loving care more often. We are “sandwiched” between generations that we are responsible to care for.I am also helping to raise my grandson Logan. Perhaps that makes us a Double Decker Sandwich!

Life can feel very full! I do not prefer the word busy, but that is a good word to describe our lives. I am the type of person who does things very thoroughly. I take my time to do things correctly. Living in today’s fast paced world, it can be very hard to slow down and take the time to do things well.

Over the course of our lives, my Husband and I were zig zagging all over the place as far as finding and staying on the path that God had for our individual lives.

We both were given 2nd and 3rd and 4th chances over and over again. Looking back, I can clearly see God’s hand gently guiding us and it was up to us to follow His leading.

Matt and I on our wedding day in 2002. 7 Months after we started dating.        

As individuals, and as a couple, we became more and more faithful with the little things and over the years we have been given many more responsibilities. Yes, our plates are full. Sometimes it can seem overwhelmingly so, but, we are definitely receiving God’s blessings and the strength, courage and ability to keep up!

My Husband Matthew never ceases to amaze me. There does not seem to be anything that he cannot do! When he puts his mind to do something, he gets it done. He has definitely inspired me to be the best me that I can be over the years.

Speaking of our full plates, when we first got together almost 17 years ago, I could not cook. Maybe spaghetti and eggs but that was pretty much it!

I always said I was a freezer Mom. Fish sticks and tater tots! I went from just getting Billy and Jami fed something quick and easy, to learning how to make home cooked meals for 7 people and then all 9 of us after Robbie and Virginia were born.  For a few years, I would tend to get overwhelmed, but after following recipe after recipe, I now can come up with my own healthy home cooked meals that my family kind of looks forward to!  I often try to get my meals to my Dad who might just enjoy my food most of all!

It’s not always an easy task to come up with food that pleases 4 generations! I am still working on Logan, and everyday I give him a choice of store-bought macaroni and cheese or Nana’s food made with love. Someday he will choose Nana’s food made with love. I am just giving it time! Today for lunch,he chose a cream cheese and banana sandwich… at least it was made with love!img_0899

I have not been able to post as much as I would like, simply because of living life.

Last week was filled with some added activities.

I picked my Children up after school so that our Son Robbie can practice driving now that he his permit. His sister would much rather ride along too than take the bus home! This will be a regular occurrence until he gets his license!

My Grandson Logan had his 1st Kindergarten field trip to an orchard and I got to be a chaperone to him and some other students. It was a very fun-filled day and we both slept well that night after spending many hours in the crisp autumn.

Logan and Nana on the field trip.

The next day was moving day for my Dad.He moved from one apartment to another one better suited for him. Thankfully, it was in the same town. Between my brother Mike and my Husband Matt and I, we got Dad all moved in and settled in one day. We also had to fix Dad’s cell phone situation the same night after moving all day because the cell phone company made a big mistake and they could not fix it, so my husband did!

My Dad and I doing what we do best!

                                                  Our regular daily lives include many things.

On top of running a successful business, Matt spends his days managing employees, driving around to multiple jobs sites and making sure that they are all  running smoothly and staying on schedule, dealing with general contractors and solving multiple problems that pop up through the day. All that on top of being a good Husband, Father and Grandfather.

I start my mornings by making the kids a hot breakfast, getting them out the door for school, catching the morning kindergarten bus to and from school, making time to get to the gym (in between Logan’s bus) getting to the grocery store at times, getting our office work done, the cooking, cleaning, mountains of laundry, taking care of two dogs and all of the other daily things that make up life, including a goodnight sleep!

My husband Matt and I being silly!

I have truly learned what it means to be grateful for all of this. For my family and our relationships. We get to do all these things and there is joy while doing them. We do not just have to do them as a chore or an obligation. It took me some time to learn to be thankful for the things I get to do. I wish I would have always had that attitude when all of my children were young and lived at home, especially when Billy was little.

I tended to rush the moments more often than not. Even when it was just Billy and me and when I still had my Mother to help and offer her wisdom and sound advice.

My boy Billy at 14 months old

Even though I can’t go back in time, I can learn from that and choose to look at things differently. One thing I have chosen to do, especially after Billy was murdered is to be present in the moment and enjoy my life.I know that is what Billy would want me to do.

Billy at 25 years old. My Boy.

We may be a part of this sandwich generation, but honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way…




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