A Thankful Heart

It’s pretty simple to tell if our hearts are thankful and grateful by the words that come out of our mouths.

Our mouths and hearts are connected much more than we realize….

I’ve mentioned before that since Billy was killed, I find it easier to really think about what happens next after this life.

Part of my heart went to Heaven when he left. A Mother is always connected to her child wether they are here on Earth or have moved on to the next life.

I realize that this life and the next are connected, actually the next life is just a continuation of this one.

When we die, we step out of this world and immediately into exquisite beauty surrounded and enveloped by the love and light of God, or we step away from the only taste of heaven we will have ever experienced on this earth in this brief life into an eternity of darkness and terror that no horror movie could ever come close to describing.

I do not say this to stir fear, but to help us to stay sober to the fact that this life on earth is not all that there is.

I have a much greater understanding of Heaven because I set my mind on things above and not on things of this Earth. My mind is not consumed with earthly possessions, it is set on storing up treasures in Heaven where my son is, where I will live forever.

Since I live on this Earth, I see the beauty of God’s creation all around me.

From the singing birds to the wind blowing the colorful leaves off of the trees. The gorgeous sunrises and in the faces of people I meet and interact with everyday.

Those things that we can easily take for granted, I find make me very grateful. Simple, everyday things.

I thank God when I’m driving, usually singing praise music at the top of my lungs!

I thank him when I’m standing at the bottom of my driveway getting Logan on the bus. Walking a 200 meter cool down after a workout.

I thank Him when I’m shopping at the grocery store or at the farm for food for my family and I ask Him to please help me not to be late for the kindergarten bus!

I thank God and praise Him for loving the world so much that he gave his only son so that we would not perish but have eternal life.

Eternal life doesn’t mean living forever. We all do. In one of two places.

What truly is eternal life?

It is KNOWING God and Jesus Christ whom He sent.

That makes me very thankful, very grateful to have a loving God who cares about every single detail of my life and yours too.

I am beyond thankful to know that my boy is safe. He is at home, in the place he was created for.

I’ve said before that it’s my job now to carry on his legacy. To do the things that he did not get to do. To sing the songs he wrote, to write the songs he won’t sing.

I get to teach his son, my grandson about life, about choices, about Jesus.

I am so grateful that God chose me to be Billy’s Mother for all eternity and Logan’s Nana here on Earth for now and someday in Heaven, forever reunited again as a family.

My Son Billy and my Grandson Logan smiling in the sunshine ☀️

I choose to focus on the eternal and not the temporal.

I encourage you to choose to be thankful. What are some things that make you smile? What are you grateful for?

Just remember, a thankful heart is a happy heart!

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