Uncles Are Bereaved Too

The only thing I would add to this Day 5 post from July is that now my grandson Logan is living with us.

Logan and my youngest son Robbie are 10 years apart.

These days Logan and Robbie are more like brothers than an uncle and a nephew.

It’s sweet to watch, especially since they are the same age difference as Billy and Robbie.

Bereaved Parents Awareness post. Day 5. My son was closer in age to my little brother than I was.

My brother Brian and I are 10 1/2 years apart. Billy and Brian are 8 1/2 years apart.

When Billy and I were over at my parents house in our young years, Brian would tease Billy and he would say “Mommy,Uncle B is pointing at my eye.”

They were much more like brothers and then an uncle and a nephew.

My brother Brian and my son Billy. More like brothers than an uncle and nephew. Picture on the left is when they were 4 and 12. The picture on the right is a few months before Billy died.

Somehow that escaped me when Brian was pointing at his eye.

I believe uncles and aunts feel and experience loss in ways greater than others can understand.









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