My 22 Year Old Teddy Bear

I recently posted about my little teddy bear. The Post is titled ” What Would Billy Do?” If you would like to read a little more about it.

Here is Day 7 post of bereavedparentsawarenessmonth. July 7th.

Billy gave me the W.W.J.D bear on the left when he was about 4 years old.

I held onto it all these years.

I almost gave it back to him in his late teen years as a reminder of What Would Jesus Do?

I decided to keep it because it was his gift to me when I wasn’t making the best decisions.

After Billy died,  his son Logan found the little white bear with the cross and said “that’s the son bear and the bigger bear (wwjd) is the Daddy bear, they belong together”

I think Jesus would want us to remember that Daddy loved us and loved the time he had with us.

That it’s good to talk about our Daddy memories and make new memories.

Most of all, to look for Jesus in the simple pleasures of everyday life.











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