Happy and Sad

I will add since my original post on July 19 that my children are still grieving in their own ways.

Their friends have a hard time trying to understand the extent of our loss which is to be expected when your 15 and 16 years old.

None of their friends had their brother murdered.

How do you process that?

Siblings are the ones who are forgotten when it comes to grief.

Day 19 of bereaved parents awareness month

This picture makes me happy and sad.

Happy because they were happy to be together.

Sad because of the obvious age difference, they won’t get to have the adult sibling relationship with Billy.

Virginia was 11 and Robbie was 12 and Billy was 22 in this picture. It was taken 4 years ago.

My youngest brother Brian and I are 10 and 1/2 years apart and we are closer now as adults then we ever were as kids.

Robbie and Billy are 10 years apart.

Virginia and Billy are 11 years apart.

Thank God this world is not our home and we will have all eternity to spend together.









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