Good Enough

Since my original post on July 21st, I found Billy’s diploma. Billy gave it to me for safe keeping.

He had His General Educational Development Commencement Ceremony from Harrisburg Area Community College On December 19th of 2013. Little did we know he wouldn’t be here 5 years later.Repost of Day 21 bereaved of parents awareness month. July 21st 2018.

This is one I’m VERY proud of.

Billy made lots of choices after he turned 18 on September 1st of his senior year in high school.

They weren’t the best choices but hey, when your 18 you know everything!😉

His birthday was on September 1st, the cut off date to be 5 years old to start school.

He could have started kindergarten a year earlier, but I wanted him to be a little older in school rather than a lot younger like I was.

Well, that decision had some repercussions and he didn’t have enough credits to graduate in 2011.

He decided it was important to get his G.E.D as he liked to call it, his “good enough diploma”

He didn’t want to go to the ceremony, but he did it for me and his grandmother.

She was so sick with cancer that it took everything in her to get there and watch him walk across the stage and receive his diploma.

There were people of all ages and walks of life getting their G.E.D.’s and lots and lots of cheers from those of us watching them succeed.









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