Just as your child was connected to you in the womb, just as their hearts were beating on the inside of you, your child will always be connected to you.

Just because the cord was cut, the bellybutton is a reminder that as you once were connected to your Mother, they once were connected to you.

Just because you give birth and their heart beat on the outside of your body, and on the inside of theirs, you can still feel their heart beat with every breath you take.

When your child’s heart stopped beating on this earth, that part of your heart that belongs only to them suffers greatly.

In order to keep going, that part of your heart that belongs only to them must get stronger and stronger or you will feel weaker and weaker and you will suffer their death over and over again.

That part of your heart must keep going, it must remember them, it must feel the ache, it must sing the songs, it must cry the tears, it must weep, it must sob,but,it must beat with intent, it cannot die in sadness or depression. It must grieve. It must mourn, but, it must continue to live within you.

You still carry the heartbeat of your child.

What was and what never will be again can be through your heart, through your words, through your hands,through your tears, through your smiles,through your kindness, through your love.

Carry on their legacy sweet Mama. Light a candle, sing a song, read a story, say a prayer, smile a bright smile or give a long hug.

It will bless you to be a blessing to someone else in your child’s memory and it will be keeping that part of your heart that belongs only to them beating with intent and purpose once more.

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