Artistic Talent

Repost from July 23rd.Day 23 bereaved parents awareness month

Here is one more way that my boy was just like me…

He had so many interests and talents and passions.

Other than always wanting to be a Mother, I thought I wanted to be a “Beautician.”

Now they’re called “Stylists”,but back in the day, a beautician sounded like a pretty cool idea.

My all time favorite job was working in a salon as a full time receptionist when Billy was 3 years old.

The salon life was definitely 100% for me.

I loved helping people, and getting to talk to all the clients,and watching the stylists work their magic.

I worked with some pretty great people!

I also got a behind the scenes look at what stylists have to go through with their clients, especially if they weren’t happy clients, and I decided nope, not for me!

I love styling hair for people,but cutting and coloring, no thanks!

However, I went to cosmology school twice.

Once in 1996 when Billy was 4 yrs old for my nail technician license (aka manicurist.) I worked full time during the day, and went to school at night.

I went back to school again in 2010,this time full time for my Esthetician license. (skin care, facials, waxing etc.)

After Logan was born in 2013, Billy went to barber school and he was a natural!

The hair “gene” was passed along.

He had a good eye and the creativity and personality it takes to get and keep a clientele.

Unfortunately, circumstances that had been created earlier caught up with him and he didn’t get the chance to finish school…

I have no doubt that he would have graduated given the chance, and if he just would have had more time on this earth.












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