Tears Should Be Blue

Logan was getting ready for school this morning and he told me that he thinks that tears should be blue.

I asked him if it was because his eyes are blue and he said “no, your eyes are green Nana but our tears should be blue.”

Logan went on to say that in the movie ” Inside Out,” the emotion sadness would touch the ball and it made all the memories sad.

Sadness from the movie “Inside Out”

My husband Matt and I took the kids to see Inside Out in the theater back in 2015. I can’t say that I remember everything about the movie.

I will have to watch it again with Logan, and this time, I’m sure that I will be watching it with a different perspective.I tend to view most things these days with a bit of a different perspective.

I do remember that the movie was a tear jerker at some points.

I can understand why Logan thinks that tears should be blue. It makes perfect sense.

It’s a good thing we have tears to help us release our emotions, but I’m glad that tears are not blue.

They would be much harder to hide.

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