July 4th

Day 4 of Bereaved Parents Awareness Month.

Candid pictures are the best. No posing for the camera.

The real you captured in a moment.

Laughing, Smiling, Playful, Enjoying the moment.

I’m thankful I took the opportunity to get professional pictures taken.

On the left is Billy and I I’m 1995. On the right is Me and Logan in 2013. Both are candid photos.

When I was growing up there were pictures of birthdays and Christmas and only a couple family portraits.

Billy and Logan celebrating Logan’s 1st Birthday.

Times have changed us.

We all carry cameras with us everywhere we go if we have a smart phone.

Pictures aren’t held as dear anymore because we take so many pictures of every thing and everybody.

I will always treasure our candid shots.

Moments of joy captured in time.


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