July 5th

Bereaved Parents Awareness Month Day 5.

I absolutely love these two pictures. Billy was five years old in the picture on the left and Logan was five years old in the picture on the right.

Five years. That is all the time that Billy got to spend with his only child Logan.

As I have mentioned before if you have been following me on this journey, I try to keep an eternal perspective.

I know that they will more than make up for lost time on this earth for all eternity.

However,because I am still here on this earth with his only son, it grieves my heart to know that both Billy and Logan only got to have five years with each other.

Where were you five years ago? Where do you see yourself five years from now.

Five years.

Logan is already six-and-a-half. He has had so many “firsts”this last year that he didn’t get to share with his Daddy.

The first day of kindergarten, all the words that he learned to read, the loose teeth and visits from the tooth-fairy and the cute tooth-less grins.

I know that Logan will have many more firsts and I will do my best to be there for him through each one.

Always reminding him of how proud Daddy would be.


  1. Dear Corinne,
    My son left this earth 5 years ago! I am a mess this month. Nothing is making anything easier for me….I miss him everyday all day… I can’t stop sobbing…. not a good day, nor month for me…
    Thanks for listening….
    Love, Rebecca x

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    1. Rebecca my friend I’m so very sorry. I wish I had words that would help. I too am struggling with depression and anxiety. I hold onto to the hope that I will see Billy again. I love you friend. The loss of a child is the most tragic nightmare no mother should ever have to go through❤️


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