How do you say it?

Recently I was in the grocery store and I overheard a man telling people that Jesus loved them and asking a woman with two children if they go to church.

After the exchange was over, I knew that his approach had been upsetting to the woman who had turned down the aisle I was in and was mumbling under her breath.

I caught her eye and gave her a wobbly smile and we continued our shopping.

I think that man just wanted to talk to people. He may have been hoping for some attention because he started asking people if they had seen his lost billfold.

He was all over the store in his motorized cart looking for his billfold.

I finished my shopping with a heavy heart because of the woman and her girls.

That man meant well but his approach was way off.

Many times in life it’s not what you say but how you say it.

I went through the checkout and paid for my groceries and couldn’t shake the sadness about the interaction between those two strangers about Jesus.

I loaded my groceries in my Jeep and went back inside the store.

I grabbed 2 little jewelry boxes shaped like princess crowns that held a pretty necklace inside.

I found the woman and her girls and I told her that I had overheard the conversation with the man on the scooter.

She immediately told me how upset she was and I told her I could tell. I gently told her that Jesus does love her and I wanted to give her girls a little gift.

I was able to briefly tell her through sobs that my son was murdered a year and a half ago and I’m trying to do acts of kindness to overcome the evil done to my family with good.

Daddy and Logan at Logan’s 1st Birthday Party. Billy was 21 years old.

The woman hugged me through my tears and accepted my act of kindness card and her girls thanked me for the jewelry boxes.

Once again,with most conversations in life, it’s not what you say, but how you say it.

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