Crying Heart

Do you have a part of your heart that never stops crying?

One thought about that part of your life and it feels like the wind is knocked out of you.

One memory and tears instantly fill your eyes.

It doesn’t have to be about the loss of a loved one.

It could be something your heart has desired and not attained.

A relationship, a career, a friendship, an understanding, a desire to feel accepted or appreciated.

You can usually keep that part under control because you know what triggers it but it is always there.

Just under the surface…

I believe every human being has that one thing in their heart that cries out.

A longing that can only be fulfilled by one thing.

No matter what disguise it wears, no matter what you try to fill it with, it’s never enough.

Billy knew what that need was and he had it tattooed across his chest.

Over his beating heart and breathing lungs.

All You Need Is Love

Billy’s Tattoos.

What is Love?

Is it attainable?

It masquerades as many things that we think ” oh if I could just have -—-— I would be happy and that would make me feel loved.

What’s your “fill in the blank?”

What does that part of your heart cry out for?

Love takes on different forms for different people but what if I told you that Love is God because God is Love?

Unless we receive God’s kind of love, we’ll never be 100% satisfied and we won’t be able to love others because we can’t give away what we don’t have.

This is definitely a heart issue.

We may have heard or been taught,🎶 Jesus loves me this I know…🎶

Where do we know it?

With our intellect or within our heart?

I believe once we allow the perfect love of God into our hurting hearts, we will begin to grasp together with all the saints, how long and wide and high and deep God’s love is for us and we will know ( in our hearts) this love that surpasses knowledge (our intellect)

My son Billy is experiencing that perfect love infinitely in Heaven.

For those of us left behind on this earth, it’s up to us how much of God’s perfect love we will receive.

His love is ever flowing, kind of like a satellite is always giving off a signal. We have to make sure our receiver is on and we choose what to tune in to and watch.

How much of God’s kind of love are you receiving?

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