2nd Christmas

I was bracing myself for the 2nd Christmas without Billy to be worse than the 1st.

I’ve heard many people say that the 2nd year is harder than the 1st year.

For me personally, the 1st was worse.

Jami, me and Dad Christmas of 2018

I don’t know if having a nervous breakdown in October had something to do with my perception, but, I know that I know that my son is safe and happy.

I wrote about my breakdown aka breakthrough and you can read about it in my blog. “ A Grain of Wheat” and “ Spiritually Minded”

I treasure every sign that Heaven sends to let me know that Billy is more than good. I smile. I even cry happy tears, knowing that someday we are going to have quite the reunion!

Yesterday marked 23 months ago that he was senselessly murdered.

The 2 year mark is right around the corner…

I have to see it as 2 years closer to when I’ll see him again.

I have my bad days, bad hours,and bad moments but over all, my attitude and my faith in Jesus are what carry me through to the next moment. The next season.The next life.

Do you know where you will spend your forever?

  1. In the face of such horrific circumstances you are an AMAZING testament of the power of Christ Jesus working in our lives, hearts and souls. Love you precious sister! ❤️💔❤️

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