The Christmas Hug

Two short years ago on Christmas morning I got the best gift a mother could wish for.

Billy came home for Christmas.

He was debating whether or not to come home and he came home for me.

I met him at the door and we hugged. It was the kind of hug where you hold on and you don’t let go. Literately and figuratively our hearts touched. I felt that hug all the way to my heart. The whole area around my physical heart got warm and when someone says that their heart melted, mine truly did.

While we were hugging I said “ Someone take a picture!” My daughter Virginia captured the moment.

That hug was the most special hug we shared since his birth and we’ve shared many. The only hug that will ever top that one is when we meet again in Heaven.

I for one cannot wait.

Hug your children, even if you’re not “huggers.” Someday when of you is no longer here, you’ll be so glad you did.

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