Maybe She’s Born With It

“It” are the qualities someone possesses that helps them persevere with a smile, remain kind despite crappy circumstances and keep going when you want to quit.

Maybe she’s born with it or maybe she gets it after she’s born again!What is “it” you might ask?

Me and Virginia just being our smiling selves. Being us.

People have different opinions of what “it”is but that’s what I think it is, especially after facing the most tragic, devastating life experience that a mother can go through.

Some people think “it”is a pretty face a flashy smile, a perfect physique, money in the bank and popularity.

Snapchat filter making me look flashy. It’s not real though. It’s fake.

There is nothing wrong with those things in and of themselves, but those outward appearances will not get you through the tough times in life by themselves.

They may help take you places, but they don’t build character or perseverance under trials and they don’t give you hope.

I don’t know what I would have done had I not known Jesus before going through the murder of my firstborn son Billy and everything legal that entailed.

When I got born again when I was little, I got everything I’d ever need to have “ it” . It happened in my spirit. We are a spirit, we have a soul and we live in a body.

(I Thessalonians 5:32)

It’s true that we were all born sinners (Ps. 51:5) and had the nature of the devil working in us (Eph. 2:2-3). But when we came to Christ and received salvation, we became a new person in the spirit.

That New person in the spirit, has given me everything that I need for this life and godliness! It gives me the “ it” factor.

Spirit, Soul and Body

To learn more, read the above article.

I don’t know about you, but I want “it .” I am going to do whatever it takes to get it and to keep it. Will you?

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