January 27th

2 years ago today my son was murdered. Stabbed to death on a cold, dark Philadelphia street.

There are no words to accurately describe it. Literally or figuratively.

I don’t like the word anniversary.

Here are the definitions of the word.

Definition of anniversary

1: the annual recurrence of a date marking a notable event a wedding anniversarybroadly : a date that follows such an event by a specified period of time measured in units other than years the 6-month anniversary of the accident

2: the celebration of an anniversary

The 2nd definition alone, the celebration of the anniversary, eludes to happiness. I’m not happy to be celebrating my son’s death.

I think a word like deathiversary is a more fitting word. Or Annideathary. What do you think?

I’ve been struggling a lot lately and I have not had much to say. Thank you for your prayers. I really appreciate them.

  1. You’re in my prayers precious Corinne. My heart hurts so badly for you and it sounds so insignificant but I’m so sorry for your loss and pain. Deathaversary definitely sounds more appropriate. May the grace of the only true God carry you every moment of every day, and may the Comforter pour out His love in you perpetually, and carry every grief, burden and sorrow in your heart. Love you dearly ❤️💔❤️


  2. I teared up reading your posts about Billy. He was one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met. When he passed we weren’t in good terms and it’s something I think about and regret every day of my life. Billy was a light in this world.


    1. Hi Amber, Thank you for your kind words about Billy. I’m sure he wouldn’t want you to live with that regret. Think about the good times you had. That’s what I try to do. May God bless you Amber. Love, Corinne~ Billy’s Mother💗


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