Another Super Bowl…

8 years ago my Grandson Logan was barely 4 weeks old. We had everyone over at our house to watch the Super Bowl but really it was to see Logan and take turns holding him.

Everyone included Logan’s mommy, his aunt and his maternal grandparents. My son Billy, Logan’s daddy. Billy’s Dad and stepmom, and his brother and sisters. My parents, my brother my other brother and his family and of course there was me, my husband and children. It was a full house!

Daddy, Mommy and baby Logan.

It was a fun night and it was so good to have Logan bring family together.

Fast forward to the night Billy was murdered. He was walking down the street, with 4 other people, one being his little brother, my son Jami, and they were cheering for the Philadelphia Eagles who were going to the Super Bowl in 2 weeks.

They were minding their own business when someone comes out of the shadows and starts yelling at them to take it somewhere else.

They never stop walking, single file down the street and turn the corner when the guy starts chasing after them. It was run or confront and Billy confronted and was senselessly stabbed to death in front of his friends and his brother.

I know it happened that way because it was all caught on video surveillance.

Everyone in Philly was cheering on the Eagles. My son just got killed for it.

We are Eagles fans.

Always have been. We watched the Eagles play the Patriots in the Super Bowl two weeks after Billy’s death, but I couldn’t really watch it.

I was crying the whole time. I needed the Eagles to win for Billy. They did win, but I just couldn’t watch it.

I listened to the winning score and just cried and cried.

One thing about the human body is that it remembers trauma. Very well. I’ve been sad today. Very heavy hearted.

We’ll be watching the Super Bowl, at least it will be on the T.V.

It is just is a reminder of Logan’s 1st Super Bowl and what can never be, and that fateful night, 5 years later, when my son’s life was tragically taken because he was cheering for the Philadelphia Eagles in Philadelphia.

It’s been 3 years. Absolutely senseless.

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