Problems in a pile

If we all threw our problems in a big pile would you trade yours for mine?

We live in a busy world that seems to be moving faster than ever.

I remember thinking that the lazy, hazy days of summer lasted so long. Too long.

I couldn’t wait to grow up, it felt like forever!

My kids have always said that they think that time goes by so fast.

Either way I believe we are so caught up in our own stuff and our every problem feels like the end of the world as we know it.

It’s can be all consuming, but is it? Should it be?

When something catastrophic happens to your world, your perspective changes.

At last mine has. I look at situations differently. I look at people differently. I listen better. I ask questions so I can better understand the meaning behind what’s been said or done.

My problems could be worse. So could yours. There is always someone, somewhere,who has it worse than you. I’m pretty sure if we threw our problems in a pile we would grab ours back and keep our own problems.

Everybody has problems. It’s how we choose to look at them, handle them, and try to solve them that counts.

One thing about Billy is that no matter what problem he was facing, he never let it keep him down.

He would get right back up and keep going. Onto new ventures and probably a few problems.

One thing I ask myself is this: In a hundred years from now, will this really matter?

Keep things in perspective and you will thrive.

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