Was it God’s fault?

From the beginning of time, man has played the blame game.

God asked Adam in the Garden of Eden after Adam and the woman both ate the forbidden fruit, if he had eaten of the tree that God had commanded him not to eat from.

Adam blamed the woman and God!

The woman, that YOU gave me to be with me, she gave me of the tree and I did eat.

Why didn’t Adam just say Yep, I did it!

God gets the blame for just about everything.

Especially everything that’s bad.

The night my son was murdered, where was God?

Why did God allow that to happen? Why didn’t God stop it?

Well, my understanding is that God did try to stop it, many times actually.

You see, as I mentioned, there is video surveillance of that terrible night. The man who murdered my son was laying in wait.

What I mean by that is that he was standing outside the home of his family member where everyone inside the home was gathered together mourning the loss of someone in their family.

Rather than go inside and stay inside and be with his family, he was outside waiting to try and destroy mine.

On the video you see multiple family members go outside multiple times and try to persuade him to go inside and stay inside with his family.

He would go in for a short time and then right back out.

I believe those family members were used by God himself as roadblocks, trying to redirect events that night.

Trying to give that man, chance after chance after chance to stay inside. To be with people who loved him.

Instead, he made the choice to not listen. He made choice after choice of his own free will to keep going back outside again and again.

Away from family, away from God, away from love.

Back outside to the dark, lonely, empty street, alone, all by himself.

He made the choice to wait for someone to take his pain out on and he chose my son.

It’s certainly NOT God’s fault as far as I’m concerned.

We are not robots. We have a free will to choose what we will do with the life we’ve been given.

We make choices every single day that affect our lives and the lives of those around us.

God tells us that “Today, I have given you the choice between life and death, between blessings and curses. “Then He tells us what to pick! “Choose life, So that you and your descendants might live!”

I will not have every question answered this side of Heaven but I’m okay with that.

Billy with his newborn son Logan. His caption says it all 😉

We live in a world that is not what it was created to be. There is evil and there is good. Hate what is evil and cling to what is good.

God is a good God.

No one will ever be able to convince me that my son’s death was God’s fault. Not ever.

God is a good God. The devil is a bad devil.

  1. fully agree with you. in fact that is His best part that despite being Almighty, He never forces Himself upon anybody. gives us direction but keep us free to use our discretion. best wishes


    1. Thank you! Im not sure how many will agree but this is my story and how God is leading me through it. Thank you for your kind words! If I don’t read your posts every day it’s only because I’m so busy now reading my Son’s 5 year old son. Plus taking care of my children and husband and working. I’m still trying to figure out how to do it all but God is my very present help in time of need. One day at a time💗

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I love reading your story just for one reason and that is your positivity. Many of us have tough time but It’s HE only who takes us through. We can’t see Him but this unknown positivity makes us clearly feel Him. Best wishes for your little grandchild and the family.💐


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