What’s in a Name?

Since it’s been about a month since I started writing and sharing our story, I thought it was time to talk about why named my website 5 non blondes and a senseless murder.

There were 6 people present the horrific night that changed my family’s lives forever.

My 25 year old Son Billy, My 18 Year Old Son Jami and their three friends. 21 Year old Zach, 21 Year old Alex and 21 Year old Sebastian and the man who murdered my Son Billy.

My Son Billy was always referred to as a towhead as a child. He didn’t really start to lose that very blonde hair until he noticed that his hair was getting a little thinner in spots.

Blonde little Billy.

He tried coloring it brown and though he could pull it off, it wasn’t for him.

He always styled his hair, using gels or pastes, creams and sprays to get just the right look.

It was still pretty blonde when he was murdered. Blonder than any one else there that horrific night.

Daddy and Logan. Two blonde hair blue eyes boys.

My Son Jami has dirty blonde hair. Maybe some would call it light brown hair, he’s always had reddish undertones to his hair too. It would get blonder in the summer, but never quite as blonde as Billy’s.

Brothers Billy and Jami ages 8 and 2 &1/2 and both at age 18 side by side and 2 months before Billy was murdered ages 25 and 18.

Their friend Zack has brown hair, Alex has dirty blonde hair and Sebastian has black hair.

The man who murdered Billy has black hair.

That’s five people who’s hair wasn’t blonde, blonde like Billy’s and he was the one who was senselessly murdered.

If you’ve ever heard of the band four non-blondes, you know that they sing a song titled “What’s up?”

Billy did a cover of that song before he died.

The first line of the song and the last line of the song are the same.

“25 years and my life is still, trying to get up that great big hill of hope, for a destination.”

I really hope you are able to open this link of my daughter Virginia singing this song along with her big brother.

Virginia singing with Billy, “What’s Up”

You can see how sad she looks as she is singing along with him through his recording a cell phone.

His senseless murder has affected so many people. He was loved by so many and he is truly truly missed…

  1. I wish to say u something.
    You can kindly ignore if u do not like.
    It would be wrong if i say that i can feel your pain because only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches. Yet I ll suggest you to not get sad while remembering your beloved son. It is said that the departed souls catch our vibrations. As he loved you so much he must be feeling helpless to find u sad.
    So for the sake of his peace keep sharing your loving memories with a happy n not hravy heart.
    Apologies as i am no one to advise you and very young in experience.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I receive your kind words with an open and loving heart. I know my Son does not wish for me to be sad because he is no longer sad. I know as I continue to grow in my relationship with the Lord Jesus that I am growing closer to knowing what my Son is experiencing in Heaven and that I will see him again someday. I do rejoice and have such peace knowing how joyful and free he finally is! Sadness comes and goes, more in small increments of time than whole days. It certainly is a process, much like conception and birth but writing has been a very healing experience for me and I desire to share our story with others in hopes of passing on the encouragement that I have received. Many blessings to you!

      Liked by 1 person

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