Smiles From Heaven

Today I just know my Son was smiling from Heaven and probably laughing a little too!

Earlier today I updated my Facebook page, Thrive or Survive: Life after Homicide by adding a story about the Acts of Kindness cards that I had made in Billy’s memory.

I mentioned the post that Billy had shared about a month before he was murdered.


My Son was kind. He may have been trying to look rough with his stretched ears and huge gauges, his piercings and all his tattoos that each had a meaning to him, but on the inside where it counts, he had heart. A kind heart.

Well, later this afternoon I had to stop at the grocery store for cupcakes. Even though we celebrated my Son Robbie’s Birthday, which is today, on Saturday, which was my Birthday,  my Grandson Logan was with his other Grandparents and he missed the Birthday cake and the singing!

As I was leaving the grocery store with the cupcakes, there was a Man with some apparent health issues, struggling to get into his van with his grocery bags. He was sitting on one of those motorized handicapped riding carts that the store provides for their handicapped customers.

I asked him if he would like any help. He said that he would. I loaded his grocery bags into his van and then I realized that his motorized riding cart needed to go back inside the store.

His van was parked in a handicapped spot so it wasn’t very far from the store entrance but those carts don’t go that fast! He showed me how you move it forward and reverse it so I hopped on the cart and rode it back into the store and parked it.

I could just see my Son smiling at me and laughing as I rode that cart back into the store.

Acts of Kindness don’t always have to cost money. Sometimes it’s just a helping hand and giving someone your time. If we keep our eyes open and look for opportunities to be kind to someone, they are all around us.

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