Bereaved Mother

Day 2 of 31.

2. I’ve learned that even when you receive the most horrific news, it is possible to have and experience the peace that passes all understanding.It’s not a cliche, it’s a choice.
A choice to focus on circumstances or a choice to believe with every breath that this chaos is taking place in the palm of God’s hands.
After re-reading this post from Instagram on July 2nd I would not change much.
Only reiterate that even though this chaos is taking place in the palm of God’s hand, He did not allow it or cause it to happen.
I have written before what I believe God tried to do to stop what happened that tragic night.
The blog post is titled “Forgiveness.”
I did enjoy my time spent today with my family.
It was my 1st Thanksgiving knowing that I would not be seeing my son Billy.
I was reminded that someday, during the marriage supper of the Lamb, Billy will be sitting on my left so that we don’t bump elbows while we’re eating! I am right handed and Billy was left handed on Earth and he is still left handed in Heaven. (Revelation 19:6-10)
May you receive God’s many blessings this day and everyday.

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