Little Reminders

I could not find Day 3 in my Instagram Posts. I decided to share this post from mid August, a couple of weeks before I started blogging about our story…

I see these floating everywhere.

This quote reminds me that it’s really ok to take 1 step forward and 2 steps back.

As long as I get up again.

There is no right way or wrong way to grieve.

I know where my son is and therefore I have peace.

After being a part of a group for parents who have lost a child to death due to many different circumstances, I’ve learned two things.

1. I’ve witnessed 1st hand the stories of those who grieve without hope.

It’s heartbreaking to read about their questions,their constant wonderings, trying to connect with their children through psychics, mediums, anything.

2. For every daughter who has died, there are at least ten sons ages 16-40 that have died.

The ratio is astounding.

Our young men, our sons are being taken out way too young.

For everything in this physical and natural realm that we see,there is the supernatural unseen realm where there is a battle between good and evil waging for souls.

It’s astonishing that we as a society spend more time planning for our vacations than where we will spend eternity when we die.

No one gets out of this world alive.









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