Brother’s Keeper

The only thing I would add since my original post July 10th is that Jami continues to amaze me.

Despite what he has gone through, witnessing his brothers murder, he keeps moving forward day by day.

He has moved due to his job and is advancing and doing such great work!

Jami calls or texts me daily to let me know that he is okay. I am so proud of him!

Day 10 repost of bereaved parents awareness month. Billy and Jami. 6 and 1/2 years apart.

Not too much sibling rivalry with those two.

Of course Billy picked on Jami,but in his mind, it was only for the betterment of his little brother!

A month or so before Billy died, he called me crying because He and Jami had a big misunderstanding.

I got right in the middle and set that straight real quick!

Nothing and nobody comes between family.

Especially brothers!

They made up real fast and they were stronger for it.

Jami was with his brother that fateful night in January.

He witnessed his big brothers last moments on this earth.

Jami’s face was the last face Billy saw before he left this world for his heavenly home.

As Jami’s Momma, and Billy’s Mother,this is very bittersweet.

I ache that Jami had to witness such trauma and carry that burden and yet he gave his big brother the last comfort he could muster simply by being there, looking into his eyes and holding him as his heart stopped beating.











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