Blending Of Brothers

There isn’t much to add since July 11th.

Everyone is still finding their way in their own time and in their own way.

Day 11 of bereaved parents awareness month

There are lots of differences in these two photos.

Four boys having fun at their parents wedding.

Billy was 9,Daniel was 10,Cory was 11 and Zach was 13.

3 year old Jami didn’t make it to the wedding, but he was with us in our day to day every day.

Within a year of getting to know each other, baby brother Robbie was born, followed by baby sister Virginia 14 months later.

By that time Jami was 4 1/2,

Billy was 11,

Daniel was 12,

Cory was 13 and Zach was almost 15.

At the time, you just go through it and do the best you can,hoping and praying you’re doing it right.

Then you look back and wonder how you did it!

Within a matter of 5 years, Billy added a new baby brother Jami, gained a step dad, 3 step brothers and then another brother and sister!

He also gained a sister and a brother on his Dad’s side of the family.

That’s a lot of change in a short amount of time!

Billy always went with the flow. He figured things out and had fun doing it.

Sometimes he got in trouble, like when he tried calling my cell phone which started with 917 and the police showed up at our door because he accidentally dialed 911.

All 5 boys got a talking to from the officer!

It wasn’t always easy but we made a lot of memories.

Especially at refreshing mountain pool! Lots of memories there, especially in the time out chair!








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