Special and Sad

I would add that now at almost 11 months since my sons tragic death, it is not easier as more time has passed.

It is not something you ever “get over.” I must learn what I can and apply it to the living. I must also not be so hard on myself when I have a sad, bad day.

My Son’s 5 year old Son Logan is doing absolutely wonderful in kindergarten. He loves school and he loves to learn.

He is a thinker and a problem solver and even though he’s only in kindergarten,it shows on his report card. I call him my smarty pants! Daddy would be so proud! So is Nana!

Repost from July 27th.Day 27 of bereaved parents awareness month.

Today marks six months since my son was murdered.

The 27th now is a date that always takes my breath away a little bit, especially at night.

The picture on the left was taken about 9 months before Billy started kindergarten.

The funny thing is that he was never really into sports.

He tried basketball and baseball and wrestling and cross country.

He did them but they were just never his thing.

I bet if the photographer would’ve offered him a guitar prop to hold when he was 5,he would have chosen it.

I got him a play guitar for his sixth birthday, just for fun.That was his 1st day of kindergarten too.

I guess even back then I knew more than I realized.

The picture on the right was taken about a month before he was killed. About this time last year. He saw his kindergarten teacher Christmas shopping at the mall.

Billy was so happy to see her that he asked her if he could take their picture together.

What a special moment. Oh how I wish we could go back in time…

Now his son Logan is getting ready to start kindergarten next month.

These are the moments that make me sad.

He won’t get to be there for Logan the first day of school.

I know he will see him because God’s Word says that we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses.

I know Billy is one of those witnesses, and that he’s watching.










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