Made for Motherhood

Repost From July 28th. Day 28 bereaved parents awareness month

When I learned that I was pregnant and not just tired from not having a normal schedule that I had been used to the last 13 years of my life, I went to the doctor.

He took one look at me and said “September 1st.”

Of course the ultrasound gave me a due date a few days earlier of August 26th.

I remember it being a very hot summer and I had no air conditioning.

That was the only uncomfortable part of pregnancy.

Other than Billy was so long that his little heel would come up very high into my rib cage and I could see it sticking out and push it down. That gave me some pretty bad heartburn!

When he was ready to come into this world there was absolutely no stopping him.

At 2AM on September 1st, my water broke.

I called the doctors office and said that my contractions were five minutes apart but they were way closer than that.

I wasn’t really keeping track because I decided that I would get in the shower, wash and condition then dry my hair.

After I got some make up on,then I could head to the hospital.

Well,we got there at 3:45 in the morning and Billy made his appearance at 4:08 AM. So my labor and delivery was about two hours start to finish.

He was my fastest but I wouldn’t say my easiest.

The doctor almost didn’t make it in on time! I had an intern for the first 20 minutes.

The best comfort I had in that time was that my best friend Amy’s mother worked in the maternity ward. She was there throughout my labor and delivery.

I had gone through my teenage years spending time at Amy’s house and hearing the stories that happened in the maternity ward.

It was just a comfort knowing that she was there and it was her encouraging words that got me through my first baby delivery with no epidural or pain meds.

8 lbs 10 oz. and 21 &1/2 inches long.

Just some favorite pictures tonight.

The top one was my baby shower from my coworkers when I worked at the Akron restaurant.

Billyđź’— was just a week and a half old. The other two are just favorites of him as he was growing into a fun, happy toddler who was always on the move!







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