I would like to add to my original post that I am still so grateful for people who listen and obey. When I’m having a bad day of grief, I remember how faithful God is and how thankful I am that I know that I am only temporarily separated from my Son.

Day 29 repost from July 29th bereaved parents awareness month.

These pictures speak volumes.

This may be part 1 of 2.

As I mentioned, my son went through many stages in his short life and he wore his beliefs on his skin for all to see.

He told me at one point that he thought that Jesus was an alien 👽.

Well I had a praying Mother and so did Billy. We changed our prayers to line up with what the Bible teaches.

Around 2009 I started listening to sound biblical teaching.

It happened “accidentally “(not) as I was flipping channels waiting for Virginia to get off the kindergarten bus.

I felt the Holy Spirit say “You can find something better to watch than The Golden Girls!”

I found and watched Gospel Truth daily, and since the teacher, Andrew Wommack http://www.awmi.net offered his teachings for free,I downloaded and listened continually on my iPod.

It was like water to a thirsty soul. His teaching on scripture was connecting all the dots in the Bible that never made sense before.

One thing he taught on that impacted me majorly was how to pray for the unbeliever.

”Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest.”

Andrew taught to pray for laborers, people to cross the path of your friends and loved ones who are not saved.

Pray that laborers would speak the truth of God’s word and that the unsaved would have ears to hear.

If you have an opportunity to be one of those laborers, then you speak the truth but keep praying to The Lord of the harvest to send laborers to cross their path because people have a free will and they might not respond to the first laborer that crosses their path.








#nevergiveup #thereishopeforeveryone










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