Rhymes for the Times

In these uncertain times, if you care, you are rare, many people just don’t know how to truly care.They’re wrapped up in themselves, living in their little bubble,praying that God keeps His hand on them so they can avoid trouble.

Not that there is anything wrong with that prayer, I’ve prayed that way too, but remember we live in a fallen world and satan is after me and he’s after you.

Selfish thoughts,selfish ways,”I have no time for you and your bereaved days. I don’t get you, I don’t understand, truth is I don’t really want to, and it’s really hard to be around you.”

Let me tell you something, and maybe you just might see, how your selfish ways and thoughts aren’t affecting me.

Do you realize when you look away, don’t acknowledge me, or scroll on by with a disgusted sigh, it’s very telling, and that’s not a reflection of me, but of you, it has nothing to do with what I’m going through.

You turn up your nose in your Pharisaical way “ugh I know her son must have sinned in some terrible way, or maybe it was her and now this is how she must pay.”

If that thought crossed your mind, please,put down your stone,the price has been paid, over 2000 years ago.

The payment Jesus made I received,paid in full.

The SIN of the whole world has been covered in His precious blood. It only took one drop but He drained it all. It’s time to stop dragging his name through the blasphemous mud.

He did it for you, He did it for me. If you cannot see that, your heart has been blinded and you are being deceived.

Don’t you realize, don’t you even care,that people are choosing to go to hell with their sin already paid for,because they wouldn’t choose life and accept His payment when He kept knocking on their hearts door?

Don’t you remember from the Bible stories of old that God is love, not harsh and cold?

Jesus did tell people off, do you remember that too?

It was always the Pharisees that he yelled at while they were making much ado.

He called them a brood of vipers, for thinking highly of themselves and looking down on others.

Sounds an awful lot like people today, what do you think Jesus would have to say?

He is the same, yesterday, today and forever so a brood of vipers it is, then, now and forever.

The woman at the well had been married 4 times and was living with another, I can guarantee it wasn’t her brother! When Jesus’ love touched her heart she ran back to her town,to tell them that Jesus is the messiah, there is none other to be found.

Death touched Martha and Mary’s lives too, and just exactly what did Jesus do?

He wept and he cried and he felt all their pain, he knew their sorrow and his tears knew no shame. He grieved and he mourned knowing in the end that in a few minutes he would bring life to their brother and Lazarus would rise again.

Love is stronger than death, my heart knows it’s true. No weapon formed against me will prosper, every tongue that rises against me I will show to be wrong. How’s that for a promise? I’ll do it all day long! Yes I can be cynical, and angry, it’s true but thank God He forgives me just as He forgives you.

Jesus will resurrect in my heart what’s been deadened.

Someday the whole world will see, that my grief, my sorrow, deep pain, bereaved heart, soul cries, broken pieces, shattered life,every aching part.

My plight will be used to cause many to hear,that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. Be ready, look up, the last day is drawing near.

I’ll rise from these ashes with beauty, you’ll see, though this lonely valley of the shadow of death is leaving it’s mark on me. I promise you, on the mountain top someday standing I will be.

Thank you Jesus for dying and rising again. You are not only my savior, but, my closest friend.

If you’ll just take a minute and get quiet within, you’ll hear him calling “Come to me, I am love, I am.

  1. Es tan real todo lo que escribes!! A mi tambien me mataron a mi hijo mayoy un 4 de Enero de 2016, por eso entiendo tu dolor , tus vivencias y todo lo que sientes y expresas…. Dios bendiga tu vida y se que tu hijo Billy y mi hijo Jose Manuel estan disfrutando en la casa de su padre..

    Liked by 1 person

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