A Good Big Brother

Billy was so good with Robbie and Gini.

It breaks my heart that they were robbed of the adult sibling relationships.

A few month before Billy was murdered, they started a sibling Snapchat.

All 7 children, 5 adults and 2 teenagers posting whatever, whenever.

It was a way to connect when they all lived here, there and everywhere.

Now Billy ‘s snaps are gone. We are left with only pictures and memories. Inactive Facebook and Instagram pages and a contact in our phone that is silent.

We love you Billy. We remember your playfulness and how good you were to” the babies” as we called Robbie and Gini who are only 14 months apart.

They gave you good practice for a few years until you had son of your own.

We love Logan so very much and we will share our memories of you with him always.💗

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